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A "Community Centre" to support the life of the local community The largest MUJI store in Japan, MUJI iias Kasugai, will be opened in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture


The largest MUJI store in Japan, MUJI iias Kasugai, will be opened in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture

This key visual, which symbolises the store, includes the illustrations of a cactus, a speciality of Kasugai, and a piece of soap, one of MUJI's signature products. With this key visual, we express our wish to correspond to various uses according to the needs like a cactus, and to be familiar and useful to everyone like a soap.

Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Nobuo Domae), which operates MUJI, announces the opening of "MUJI iias Kasugai" on October 22 (Friday), 2021 on the ground floor of "iias Kasugai", a commercial facility in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture operated by Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; President and Representative Director: Keiichi Yoshii).

A "Community Centre" to support the life of people in the Chubu region

(1) Features of the sales floor

"MUJI iias Kasugai is the largest MUJI store in Japan with a floor space of approx. 5455 m2. In addition to selling daily necessities, food and storage products to enhance people's daily life, the store have three unique features that only a large, community-based store can offer.

We aim to become a "community centre" that is useful in the lives of local people by providing a place for them to interact and by working with Kasugai City to promote the local area.

① "Experiential-based Sales Floor for Storage Items" with interior advisors on hand


In the model room with storage tips and hints gathered, our interior advisors will help customers create a storage plan to suit their individual lifestyle. Customers can try out all MUJI storage products on the sales floor.

We have also introduced an original label printing service, which allows customers to print their preferred design (texts and illustrations) free of charge on the MUJI products purchased. This is the first time that MUJI offers such service in Japan.

② "Asaichi Odori", a daily goods market lined with stalls

② Asaichi Odori, a daily goods market lined with stalls

Everyday items will be displayed in the centre of the store on "stalls" instead of the fixtures we usually use. Named "Asaichi Odori" after the morning market in the town, the sales area is designed to be a lively space where customers and the store staff can meet each other every day and talk about various topics related to daily life, such as useful tips for everyday life.

③ A "central square" for local residents, businesses, and administration

③ A central square for local residents, businesses, and administration

A central square has been created in the store to serve as a "kasugai" (tie) between local people, local businesses, and government activities. Through events to be held in the square, we would like to get involved in the local community and become a hub with an aim to realise "a town where people can continue to live safe and peacefully".

(2) Working together with the local community

① Events for everyday life including disaster prevention and health-care, etc.

In collaboration with Kasugai City, hospitals, schools, NPOs and volunteers, we will organise events related to disaster prevention, health, childcare and the environment. In order to raise awareness of disasters, we will distribute hazard maps and the Kasugai version of the "ITSUMO MOSHIMO" *1 workbook to let the residents know characteristic of disasters that could occur in Kasugai City.
*1: Visit here for the details of "ITSUMO MOSHIMO" (in Japanese)

② Food sales and demonstrations at the kitchen counter on the theme of local production for local consumption

As part of our efforts to promote local agriculture and solve logistical problems, we will sell vegetables and fruit from Aichi Prefecture, delivering local delicacies in good condition. Furthermore, at a "Kitchen Counter", the first facility installed in MUJI in the Chubu region, we will give cooking demonstrations using those vegetables and fruits, offering customers cooking tips and recipes. The demonstration will also be live streamlined.

Additionally, we will regularly hold workshops or other events to sell food and local specialties through the event called "Community Market" in collaboration with local people from a variety of fields.

(3) Activities for recycling of resources

We will carry out activities that collect unused items and give them a chance to be reused. As a part of this , we will set up "collection boxes" to collect unused items including MUJI's clothes, CDs and DVDs, or food left over at home.

with Picture Books*2
We will collect unused books, CDs, and DVDs, and have them appraised by appraisers who support this activity. Then we will donate as many books as we could buy with the appraised amount to childcare facilities in Kasugai City.
Food Drive*2 We will collect surplus food and seasonings left unused at home and distribute them to institutions and organisations with the help of volunteer groups.
Clothes Recycling
We will collect MUJI's clothes or other textile products and recycle them into raw materials for other clothing. Some of the collected products will be re-dyed and re-sold as "ReMUJI".
(*2It is the first time that MUJI launches such resource recycling programme in the Chubu region)

Store information and floor map

Store Name MUJI iias Kasugai
Address Postal Code: 486-0842
1F iias Kasugai 22 Higashigaoka Rokkenya-cho Kasugai, Aichi
Sales Floor Area Approx. 5464 m2
Opening Date October 22 (Friday), 2021
Store Hours From 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
MUJI iias Kasugai floor map

"Pick-up Locker" for non-contact, non-face-to-face receipt of products

In order to make a shopping experience more convenient, safer, and more secure, we have installed lockers both inside and outside our store to allow customers to receive the products without direct or face-to-face contact. MUJI's first freezer/refrigerator locker will also be installed inside the store.

Products Receivable via "Pick-up Locker"

・Products ordered online and specifide for in-store pick-up

・Products backordered at astore
*Note that this service may not be available depending on the size and type and type of products you order.

Information on the store website of "MUJI iias Kasugai"

More information will be released on the MUJI iias Kasugai website as it becomes available. Following the store on the free MUJI Passport application can receive news released from the store.

Scan the QR code below for free download:

Access MAP

Access MAP

[By Train]
2.1 km from JR Kasugai Station, about 30 minutes' walk.

[By Bus]
From JR Kasugai Station, take the Meitetsu Bus 46 or 47 that goes to Higashinocho area and get off at the stop "Higashinoguchi".

[By Car]
・From Nagoya
About 5 minutes from Umegatsubo-cho intersection on Route 19.

・From Gifu-Tajimi
Please use the overbridge at the Rokkenya-cho intersection on Route 19.



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