Risk Management

1 | Our Approach to Risk Management

The Ryohin Keikaku Group assesses and recognizes the major risks it may face and, depending on their importance and the likelihood of their occurrence, takes measures to minimize the likelihood of the occurrence of such risks, thus decreasing its possible impacts if they do occur.

2 | Risk Management System

Risk management in the Ryohin Keikaku Group is overseen by the Compliance and Risk Management Committee under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

The Compliance and Risk Management Committee, chaired by a director of the company, meets regularly to gather information on compliance and risks and to further discuss important issues. Matters discussed by the Compliance and Risk Management Committee are regularly reported to the Board of Directors and to directors and corporate auditors.

3 | Information Security System

The Ryohin Keikaku Group has already established a global information security policy. It strives to ensure the security of information assets held by the company.

4 | Crisis Management System

The Ryohin Keikaku Group has established a Code of Conduct for emergencies such as personal injury, theft, fire, and earthquakes. In addition, in order to accurately respond to emergencies, the "Code of Conduct for Emergencies" is disseminated among employees, and we are always prepared to respond to emergencies.