Respect for the Environment

Chemical Management

1 | Policy on Chemical Management

Ryohin Keikaku requires its contract manufacturing partners to safely manage chemical substances and prevent and reduce water and air pollution in accordance with our "Code of Conduct for Production Partners." A list of restricted substances has been prepared according to the mutual safety standards in the internal quality standard "Ryohin Standard," and is made available to our production partners. We do not use any prohibited chemical substances in our manufacturing processes, and for those chemical substances designated by the laws and regulations of each country or region, we monitor the amount of emissions and report them to the governments in accordance with the laws and regulations.

2 | Audit of Production Partner Factories

Ryohin Keikaku does business only with production partners that pledge to comply with the "Code of Conduct for Production Partners" in order to uphold the working environment and human rights in factories as well as the environment. In addition, in order to confirm that our partners comply with the Code of Conduct and that they are continuously working on it, we commission a third-party specialized organization to conduct environmental audits and monitor the working environments at the same time. If a production partner fails to meet any one of these norms, we coordinate with the factory to take corrective actions.

The scope of the environmental audit includes the storage and management of chemical substances, the status of establishment of handling procedures, and proper treatment and monitoring of hazardous substances, wastewater, gases, and so on.