Respect for the Environment

Chemical Management

Basic Approach

In its efforts to manufacture safer products and protect the health and safety of all stakeholders: customers, production partners, our employees and communities, Ryohin Keikaku considers the impact of chemicals on the environment and strives to prevent and reduce global environmental pollution. We therefore prohibit the use of certain harmful chemicals and conduct thorough management of chemicals in products and manufacturing processes.

Management System

We manage chemical substances in accordance with our environmental management system.


We comply with laws and regulations and work to reduce our impact in order to conserve the global environment.

  • We appropriately handle chemicals in our products and in the manufacturing process.
  • We comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards.
  • We prohibit the use of substances suspected of being harmful.
  • We inspect products regularly to ensure that the compliance pertaining to prohibited or restricted substances are met


Code of Conduct for Production Partners of Ryohin Keikaku

Ryohin Keikaku requires its contract manufacturing partners to safely manage chemical substances and prevent water and air pollution in accordance with our "Code of Conduct for Production Partners of Ryohin Keikaku." Restricted substances are listed in the Ryohin Standards, which specify our internal quality standards and are made available to our production partners. Our manufacturing processes do not involve the use of any prohibited chemical substances under the company standards. We abide by the laws and regulations of each country or region regarding designated chemical substances, and monitor their emissions, reporting them to the respective governments as required by the laws and regulations.

Environmental Audit on Production Partners

Ryohin Keikaku exclusively collaborates with production partners who pledge to adhere to the "Code of Conduct for Production Partners." To ensure that our partners follow the Code of Conduct and its policies, we enlist the services of a specialized third-party organization to carry out environmental audits and monitor the work environment. If any of our partners fail to meet our established standards, we work with them to take the necessary corrective actions.

The environmental audit covers a wide range of aspects, including chemical substance storage and management, establishment of handling procedures, and proper treatment and monitoring of hazardous substances, wastewater, gases, and other related matters.