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List of Production Partners

Ryohin Keikaku firmly believes that guaranteeing transparency throughout the supply chain is our obligation to all stakeholders. By making our list of production partners publicly available, we aim to strengthen our engagement with our production partners and foster a conducive working environment.

We have been increasing the disclosure scope since we published a list of production partners in 2023. As of March 2024, the list includes major factories that we outsource the production of garments, household goods, and food products (Tier 1) and knitting and weaving factories for garments (Tier 2). We will continue to strengthen cooperation with our production partners to expand the scope and information disclosed.

List of Production Partners(As of March 2024)

*The accuracy of this list relies on disclosed information provided by our major suppliers who have direct relationships with these factories. The information of the sites listed is current data and business relationships are active at the time of publication.