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Supplier Hotline

About the Supplier Hotline

The Supplier Hotline is a contact point for suppliers (including factories) in Japan that do business with the Ryohin Keikaku Group.
* Please note that employees of the Ryohin Keikaku Group should use the "Ryohin Keikaku Group Hotline" instead of the Supplier Hotline.

Ryohin Keikaku Group aims to fulfill its social responsibility in procurement with the support and cooperation of our business partners, based on the "Ryohin Keikaku Human Rights Policy," the "Ryohin Keikaku Group Compliance Code of Conduct," and the "Code of Conduct for Production Partners." We ask our business partners to adhere to the aforementioned "Code of Conduct for Production Partners" in their transactions with the Ryohin Keikaku Group.

1.Scope of Reports

If you recognize any violations (or potential violations) of laws, the above policies, or codes of conduct by Ryohin Keikaku Group's officers, employees, or employees of suppliers in transactions with the Ryohin Keikaku Group, please contact this hotline to provide specific information.
Please refrain from making reports with false information or reports for improper purposes such as defamation, threats, and business interference (hereinafter referred to as "reports for improper purposes").
Depending on the nature of your report (reports for improper purposes, products, or service information, etc.), we may not be able to respond.

2. How to Report to the "Supplier Hotline"

Reports to the "Supplier Hotline" are accepted through the reporting form on this website.
We generally request that you provide your real name. Anonymous reports are also accepted, but please understand that there may be limitations to the investigation of the facts in such cases.

3. How We Respond to Reports

Reports made to the "Supplier Hotline" will be received by the Ryohin Keikaku Supplier Hotline office and investigated for accuracy. If corrective action is necessary based on the investigation results, we will promptly take action.
We guarantee that whistleblowers who provide information will not be treated unfairly, except in cases of false reporting or if the whistleblower themselves are involved in the misconduct.
Depending on the content of the report, it may take time to respond, or we may contact you by phone, email, or mail.
Also, during the investigation of the facts, we may require the cooperation of the whistleblower.

4. Handling of Personal Information

The personal information provided by the whistleblower will be responsibly managed by Ryohin Keikaku, and will be used solely to respond to the whistleblower. We will not disclose or provide any whistleblowers' personal information to Ryohin Keikaku Group subsidiaries and other third parties without the whistleblower's consent (except when required by law or the government).
In principle, we will not disclose or provide personal information to overseas subsidiaries of the Ryohin Keikaku Group.
However, if it becomes necessary to disclose or provide the whistleblower's personal information to an overseas subsidiary of the Ryohin Keikaku Group due to the content of the report, we will inform the whistleblower about the legal systems of the country where the information will be provided and the information management systems of our overseas subsidiary before obtaining the whistleblower's consent for the disclosure or provision.
Furthermore, if a subsidiary of the Ryohin Keikaku Group needs to contact with the whistleblower directly, we will obtain the whistleblower's consent to do so.

5. Other

Responses from Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. to the whistleblower are intended for individual whistleblowers. Please refrain from reproducing or reusing any part or all of the response.
Please ensure that the report does not include any trade secrets or confidential information of your company, or information that your company is obligated to keep confidential from third parties other than the Ryohin Keikaku Group.

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