Sustainability at MUJI

MUJI's Goals

MUJI has been aiming to solve social and global issues by bringing simplicity and beauty into daily life through its products and services. We would like to be a collective entity of attentiveness that sees and thinks from a broad perspective, from the smallest details to the whole planet's future.

Ryohin Keikaku contributes to society by providing MUJI products and services that take into consideration consumers and producers.

Basic Principle

The Ryohin Keikaku Group is aiming to become a world-class, highly profitable corporate entity as a group of independently managed stores that contribute globally toward a simple, pleasant life and society. Moreover, MUJI, which is formed with conscience and creativity, will co-create the best and strongest basics for life that can be used universally going forward with customers who wish to live a simple and beautiful life.

We are taking on the challenge of making MUJI a company with the highest level of brand association from customers in the basic areas of clothing, household goods, and food items for daily life. To work toward this, we will continue to refine MUJI's quality, price, and meaning and provide the most necessary basics for daily life through stores, online businesses, and other means such as MUJI HOTEL and MUJI HOUSE.

Going forward, we will be required to not only sell products but also create new value while solving social issues and environmental problems.

We will introduce environmentally friendly production processes at the production sites in collaboration with our partner factories. Furthermore, we will provide products that customers can use with a sense of security by ethically procuring raw materials (considering animal welfare, environmental impact, lives of cotton farmers, etc.) from carefully selected business partners.

We collect clothes that customers no longer wear to recycle them into ReMUJI merchandise or raw materials for clothes. This has the advantage of circulating the earth's limited resources and making our store network a collection platform.

The social business implemented in the Kyrgyz Republic provides help in the developing country to create employment, reinforce industrial infrastructure, and solve poverty by utilizing consistent know-how in product planning, production, and sales.

Ryohin Keikaku will continue to contribute to society by creating new value through our business.