Corporate Information

Corporate Purpose

To contribute to the creation of "Truthful and Sustainable Life for All" through our products, services, stores and business activities; believing "human society rich in heart, with balanced relationship between human, nature and artifacts".

Two Missions

  1. To provide daily necessities and services with genuine quality and ethical value, at appropriate and affordable prices.
  2. To have a positive impact on each region by operating stores that serve as community centers, sharing concerns and values with local residents and collaborating with them to tackle local issues.

Core Value

Through our products, services, and activities, we continue to contribute to the creation of ecological and sustainable society with resource-recycling. We make effort on reducing environmental burdens and respecting individual human rights through our product making, services and actions. They are developed on our core belief "To contribute to society and people" which makes each of our employee and associates to proactively respond to issues surrounding in our society and Earth.

Management Policy

We practice Public-interest and People-centered Management, where each of our employees and associates contribute to public interest through business activities and locally-rooted stores. Each employee obtains sense of ownership to lead each activity.

Enhancing our Corporate Value

As a result of our actions, highly profitable business structure including appropriate tax payment would be constructed, enabling appropriate profit returns to shareholders. Furthermore, we will strive to apply long-term value to the company, by making positive impacts on the society together with our stakeholders.