Employee Engagement

Education and Development

Ryohin Keikaku provides a variety of training programs for new employees, managers, and executives in order to create a culture in which all employees and staff members are challenged to set high goals, work hard, and feel a sense of fulfillment when they achieve them, thus contributing to individual growth and improvement of professional knowledge and skills. Approximately 2,200 employees participated in these training programs in FY 2022, with a cumulative total of 10,300 training hours.

Store Manager Cultivation Project

In order to prepare employees to become store managers in the third year of their career, this program provides on-the-job training at stores, as well as off-the-job trainings to help employees develop ways of thinking and other necessary skills over a two-year period. A total of 37 days (approximately 260 hours) of training have been programmed, and the project began in 2019. Currently, approximately 370 employees are participating in this project, and since 2019, a total of over 2,400 hours of training has been provided.(As of August, 2022)

Lifestyle Organizing School

The "Lifestyle Organizing School" was launched in 2018 as an internal training program to develop talents who can discover the charms of local life and propose business plans based on them. Participants visit local communities, communicate with active citizens in the community and local governments in order to propose business plans for the betterment of the community. Since 2018, five sessions have been held, and roughly 85 employee participated in these sessions.

Anti-harassment Training

To prevent harassment and improve management skills in accordance with the Group's Compliance Code of Conduct, we regularly hold anti-harassment training sessions for newly appointed managers. In FY2022, approximately 206 employees participated in the training.

Career Development Support

Language Learning Assistance

To support employee's self-improvement efforts, employees, contract employees, and some partner employees are eligible to receive partial subsidies for personal language study, including English, Chinese, Japanese, the language of the country where MUJI operates, and other languages used by the employee in work.