Respect for Human Rights at Ryohin Keikaku

CoC for Production Partners

Against the backdrop of increasing momentum regarding consideration for human rights and the working environment in the supply chain, as well as expansion of the group's business, we formulated the "Ryohin Keikaku Environment, Labor and Safety Management guidelines" in 2007 for the group and its business partners. In 2015, to further strengthen our activities, we formulated the "Basic Policy on Environment, Labor and Safety of Ryohin Keikaku" based on the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the ILO Declaration of Human Rights and revised the "Ryohin Keikaku Environment, Labor and Safety Management" guidelines along with it.

Requests for corporate CSR engagement are changing day by day, and to build good relationships based on mutual trust and to fulfill our responsibilities for giving consideration to a fair, safe, and appropriate working environment and natural environment throughout the supply chain, we renamed these guidelines as the "Code of Conduct for Production Partners" (hereinafter "Code of Conduct") and established the Code of Conduct in July 2020; we only contract with factories that pledge to comply with these standards. We conduct working environment monitoring at our business partner factories in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct covers the following matters, satisfying the relevant laws and regulations and taking into account international treaties and standards. The Code of Conduct will be revised in line with international standards.

(1) Laws and Regulations

(2) Prohibition of Child Labor

(3) Prohibition of Forced Labor

(4) Employment Contract

(5) Working Hours

(6) Wages and Compensation

(7) Health and Safety

(8) Managing Chemicals

(9) Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining

(10) Discrimination

(11) Harassment, Abuse, and Disciplinary Proceedings

(12) Anti-corruption

(13) Environment

(14) Subcontracting

(15) Responsible Procurement and Traceability

(16) Community

The Code of Conduct is prepared in Japanese, English, and Chinese; posted on the website; and distributed by email to all suppliers to ensure thorough dissemination. Going forward, we will ensure thorough CSR engagement throughout the supply chain by holding supplier meetings regarding the revised content of the Code of Conduct where necessary.