Environmental Responsibility


Basic Approach

Ryohin Keikaku has been promoting environmentally friendly manufacturing practices by utilizing appropriate materials. This is because the company recognizes the close relationship between business activities and the global environment and considers reducing the burden on the natural environment and its living beings as a critical issue. As we engage in manufacturing using a variety of raw materials sourced from around the world, we are committed to addressing procurement challenges and pursuing sustainable raw material acquisition. Moreover, we are aware of the impact our business activities have on ecosystems and collaborate with producers, local authorities, and communities to minimize such effects and protect the environment.

Management Organization

We systematically conduct and facilitate environmental management.


We aim to eliminate deforestation caused by resource extraction from designated protected areas under the law, and our goal is to use sustainably sourced materials for all products that use palm oil, timber, and cotton sold domestically by 2050. Our wool and down raw materials are sourced with consideration for animal welfare.

Palm Oil

We conduct regular surveys to ensure traceability of the origin and promote initiatives for the sustainable use of palm oil by verifying origin certificates and other means.
In December 2023, we became a member of JaSPON (Japan Sustainable Palm Oil Network) to gather information and move toward the future procurement of certified palm oil.

Paper and Wood

We conscientiously avoid the use of illegally logged timber. This involves conducting timber due diligence that encompasses surveys and self-assessments for wood and paper products* in accordance with the Clean Wood Act and other environmental laws and regulations of the countries and regions where we operate.
We are working toward our goal of using 100% sustainable wood and paper by 2030, and are promoting the use of certified timber (FSC, PEFC, SGEC), and other non-certified materials such as recycled wood.

* Excluding 100% recycled paper and cardboard products


We consider biodiversity conservation, conscientiously ensure traceability to the point of origin, and promote the procurement of sustainable cotton. We are committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing and considerate of the producers.


T-shirts for Children Printed with Endangered Species as a Motif

T-shirts for Children Printed with Endangered Species as a Motif

We have added a new series of endangered species to the printed T-shirts for children that have been designed with the motif of creatures you can meet at MUJI campsites. We donate part of the sales to the IUCN-J (Japan Committee for International Union for Conservation of Nature). We hope having children wear these T-shirts will lead to activities aimed at protecting creatures that are the motif and, at the same time, provide an opportunity for them to become interested in the situation in which those creatures are placed.

Activation of MOKUIKU (teaching about woods through wooden toys) activities that originated in Hokkaido (MUJI SHARE STAR Hakodate)

Activation of MOKUIKU (teaching about woods through wooden toys) activities that originated in Hokkaido (MUJI SHARE STAR Hakodate)

The Hokkaido Government Oshima General Subprefectural Bureau and MUJI SHARE STAR Hakodate are working on collaborative projects related to the dissemination and promotion of MOKUIKU while mutually cooperating through public-private collaboration toward the revitalization of MOKUIKU activities that originated in Hokkaido. Since its opening in April 2016, we have hosted monthly workshops and events related to MOKUIKU such as tree planting to foster an understanding of MOKUIKU. We are strengthening cooperation with relevant organizations that support the MOKUIKU initiative.