Commitments to the Circular Economy

Customer's voice

We wish to value communication that deepens mutual understanding with our customers.

We always listen sincerely to the voice of our customers without being satisfied with the current situation, and through dialogue with our customers, we will continue to work on developing even higher quality products and services, as well as conducting various activities.

In order to make the most of customer's voice

At Ryohin Keikaku, we have set up a "Customer Relations Office" and respond to various opinions and requests that are delivered from our customers every day through our stores and by telephone, e-mail, and letters. The content of the questions and inquiries are all registered in the dedicated database (voice navigation system) and swiftly shared with related divisions within the company.

By linking the voices that we receive from our customers regarding products and services with related divisions, such as the Merchandise Division, Store Sales Division, and E-Commerce Department, we are making efforts towards the realization of better products and services.

Moreover, regarding the issues with many inquiries from our customers, we are updating the FAQ in the inquiry form on our homepage on a monthly basis. In this way, we strive to create an environment where customers can solve the problems as soon as possible by their own.

Customer service in collaboration with stores

Our Customer Relations Office offers support in a way that allows all stores to appropriately respond to inquiries from customers at stores. We implement training for our new employees and new store managers to acquire basic knowledge in dealing with customers. Moreover, when we receive complaints about customer service at our stores, we share the information with the relevant stores and analyze the factors, and the stores themselves would consider improvement measures and take action to prevent recurrences.

In addition, based on the information that we receive from our customers throughout the country, the Customer Relations Office verifies whether stores have enough information to cope with these customer inquiries, and by providing additional information wherever insufficient, we hope that our stores will become places where all customers can feel free to visit anytime and consult about anything.