Corporate Information

Message from the President

Second Founding

First launched in 1980 as a proprietary brand of Seiyu Store (now Seiyu GK), MUJI has been developing "no-frills quality products" for over 40 years by constantly returning to its starting point. MUJI products, which always take into consideration the environment and the producers, have been enjoying continuous support by customers from over 30 countries and regions across the world.

Ryohin Keikaku considers the fiscal year starting from September 2021 as its second founding period and has redefined its corporate purpose.
Our corporate purpose is to contribute to the realization of a decent society and living through our products, services, stores, and activities that consider the ideal relationship between human, nature, and manmade products, and a spiritually rich human society.

On top of that, we will conduct our business with two missions in mind: providing the lineup of basic products and services that are truly essential for day-to-day life; and solving local issues and delivering positive impact for the region by working with local community.

I would very much appreciate your continued support for our business.

President and Representative Director