Dividend Policy

Ryohin Keikaku has set a target of maintaining a ROE (return on equity) level of 15% or higher as an important management indicator and is working to increase its corporate value.
The Company committed to returning profits to its shareholders through an annual payout ratio of 30% of consolidated earnings. In general, we return dividends twice a year to shareholders listed or recorded in the shareholder list at the end of February and the end of August each year (interim dividend and year-end dividend). On the other hand, we will actively allocate retained earnings as investment funds for new store openings, renovations of existing stores, and new businesses in order to establish a foundation for stable growth in our business activities.

FY2019 Period ended
six months
Period ended
Period ended
Period ended
Period ending
per share
Interim 182yen
Year-end 18.2yen
FYI: 364yen
(Equivalent amount
before stock split)
5yen 40yen 40yen 40yen 40yen
payout ratio
41.1% - 31.8% 42.9% 47.9% 32.0%
ROE 11.8% ▲8.8% 17.3% 10.8% 8.7% 12.6%

Shareholder Special Benefit Program

Our Corporate Purpose is to contribute to the creation of "a truthful and sustainable life for all." With the participation of all stakeholders - shareholders, employees, customers, and local communities - in our management, we aim to provide products and services to be a part of people's daily necessities and to promote activities that enable us to take root in local society, which will lead to the creation of new value.
We have decided to introduce a shareholder benefit program to encourage more people from a wider range of areas to become our shareholders.

(1) Eligible shareholders

Shareholders holding 100 shares (one unit) or more of the Company's shares, who are registered or recorded in the shareholders' register as of the end of February (the end of the second quarter) or the end of August (the end of the Company's fiscal year) of each year.

(2) Details of the benefit

Eligible shareholders receive a benefit card offering a 5% discount on purchases at our stores.
*Starting from the shareholder benefit program with the record date of August 31, 2024, the discount rate will be changed to 7%.

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