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Small-Scale, Community-Based Store of Daily Necessities Mainly on "Food" "MUJIcom HIGASHI IKEBUKURO" to be Opened -Offering "MUJI Kitchen", MUJI's first takeaway meal service-


Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Nobuo Domae) is going to open a new store "MUJIcom HIGASHI IKEBUKURO" on the 1st floor of its headquarters.

Community-Based Small-Scale Store Offering Daily Necessities Mainly on "Food"

"MUJIcom HIGASHI IKEBUKURO" is a community-based small-scale store that offers "MUJI Kitchen", MUJI's first takeaway meal service offering freshly cooked lunch boxes and prepared foods. In addition to abundant variety of food items, this store also offers daily necessities including cleaning items, and other everyday consumables. Also, based on the concept of "community-based small-scale store offering daily necessities within walking distance", it will also promote initiatives to deepen the connection with the community. Through introduction of shops that are deeply rooted in the Ikebukuro area and sales of the shops' representative products, we aim to make the store a convenient and familiar place for the residents and people working in and near the Higashi-Ikesbukuro area.

*About "MUJIcom"
A MUJI store located on the street one walks by every day, so one can drop in to shop anytime. From food to daily necessities and clothing, it offers elaborately selected items essential for everyday life.

Features of the New Store

MUJI's first takeaway meal service "MUJI Kitchen" offering freshly cooked lunch boxes and prepared foods

"MUJI Kitchen" is MUJI's first food service that offers freshly cooked lunch boxes and prepared foods. Under the theme of "simple food", it offers a wide range of healthy boxed lunches and prepared foods made with seasonal ingredients, mainly vegetables, to support your daily diet. It also offers a new service called the "50 Kinds of Delicious Pouched Foods Bar", where the staff will heat up MUJI pouched curry and other dishes and serve them to you. What is more, seasonal fruit and vegetables, dairy products, rice, eggs and tofu made from the finest ingredients and processing methods will be available.

MUJI Kitchen
MUJI Kitchen
MUJI Kitchen

<Main Line-up>

Lunch boxes, Prepared foods
  • Vegetable-main, healthy daily lunch boxes
  • Prepared foods available by weight, allowing one to purchase only the necessary amount
  • Convenient pre-packed ready meals
  • Salad with plenty of vegetables
50 Kinds of Delicious Pouched Food Bar
  • 50 kinds of pouched foods including curry and Pour Over Rice series available for free choice. After order, staff will heat it up and serve it to you
Vegetable / Dairy Products
  • Seasonal vegetable and fruit
  • Milk and cheese made with finest processing methods.
  • Tofu, deep-fried tofu and other soybean products made from carefully selected soybeans cultivated in Japan using finest processing methods
  • Baked confectionery such as a cheese cake
  • Yogurt and cut fruits
Sold by Weight Items
  • Hand-picked eggs sold from one piece
  • Brown and white rice available by weight so you can purchase only the amount needed

Activities to Deepen Connection through a "Community Connecting Space"

The "Community Connecting Space" will be set up to "connect with local shops and people" by introducing local shops in the Ikebukuro area, displaying a map showing information on each shop, and selling representative products of the shops.


IKEBUKURO to GO Map Using "Lean", "Eat", "Feel" and "Enjoy" as keywords, recommendable spots and shops around Ikebukuro will be introduced.
Connecting Bulletin Board The staff will report on famous shops or local events in Ikebukuro area on a monthly basis, and post information on recommendable spots and the charms on the bulletin board.
Tsunagaru Yatai (Connecting Stall) One shop deeply rooted in the Ikebukuro area will be introduced per a month and its representative products will be sold.
Connecting Coffee An initiative that gives you an opportunity to give a cup of coffee to someone who visits the store next time as a present using a coffee ticket (for one cup) you purchased and posted with your message on the bulletin board.

Other Products and Services

Wide variety of frozen foods

A variety of frozen foods that support daily lives, such as rice balls ready-to-eat after heating up in the microwave, meal kits that can be prepared in 10 minutes using a frying pan, convenient cut vegetables, and prepared foods and snacks that make the most of ingredients will be sold.

Furthermore, two new frozen food items, "Eel Roll" and "Egg Roll", will be available in advance of other MUJI stores.

Eco-friendly Initiatives


Food Drive Foods or seasonings left unused at home are collected and distributed to children cafeterias or families who need them in collaboration with Toshima Kodomo WAKUWAKU network, a non-profit organization.
Water Refilling Service A water dispenser is installed for everyone to use. Using own bottle, you can get water free of charge. The water to be supplied is filtered tap water.
Returnable Containers Use of own containers is allowed to takeaway deli food. This will help reduce waste.

"Pick-up Locker" to receive ordered items such as frozen foods and everyday items outside the store 24 hours at any time.

Installed "Pick-up Locker" for non-contact, non-face-to-face receipt of products outside the store. In addition to daily necessities and clothing, you can receive frozen foods as the locker has a freezing function.

Good Value Daily Lunch Box Coupons

The service that allows receipt of a daily lunch box without having to line up at a cashier by using a coupon purchased in advance. A book of five coupons is available on MUJI online store at 2,300 yen. You can use one coupon per 500-yen lunch box.

Store Information

Address 4-26-3 Higashi Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo (on the 1st floor of Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd headquarters)
Sales floor 401m2
Scheduled opening date January 14 (Friday), 2022
Opening Hours Weekdays: From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Weekends and Holidays: From 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Access Map

[How to Access]
15 minutes' walk from Ikebukuro Station (all lines)
3 minutes' walk from Higashi Ikebukuro Station
(Exit No. 6 or 7 of Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line)



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