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The largest MUJI in the world & the first "Everything for Everyday Life" store in western Japan MUJI Hiroshima Alpark will be re-opened after renovation & expansion -Becoming a "community center" to promote healthy life with local residents-


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Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Toshima ward, Tokyo, Japan / President & Representative Director: Nobuo Domae) that operates MUJI will re-open MUJI Hiroshima Alpark, the largest MUJI store in the world, after expansion and renovation in the end of April.

This store will be the first "Everything for Everyday Life" store in western Japan that offers almost all the items and services of MUJI. It will be relocated on the first and second floor in the Western Annex of a commercial complex named ALPARK, which is located in Nishi-ward of Hiroshima prefecture and is undergoing large-scale renovation (scheduled to reopen in the end of April) by DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (Osaka city, Osaka, Japan / President, CEO: Keiichi Yoshii). After renovation, MUJI Alpark will have a sales area of approx. 6,100m2, 8 times bigger than its previous location in the East Annex of ALPARK.

A community center to promote healthy life with local residents

Since last year, in our medium-term management plan (September 2021 to August 2024), we have stated that one of our missions is to have our stores serve as community centers for local communities and to address local issues. In September last year, we established Hiroshima Business division, which works to create products, services, and stores to help solve local issues in Hiroshima Prefecture.

As part of this effort, MUJI Alpark will introduce the following products and services based on the concept of "promoting healthy life with local residents" in order to solve local issues in Hiroshima Prefecture, where the population is declining and aging rapidly, and there is an urgent need to promote mountainous areas and to utilize local resources.

● Health Care Center *First location in western Japan

  • Sales of products developed by MUJI, mainly hygiene products, clothing and shoes suitable for light exercise, and oils used for massages.
  • Provide various products and services in one location, from health-related events such as health consultations and body measurements by local nurses and public health nurses, to providing information and medicines in the case of need.

● Revitalization of "Foods and Agriculture" and "Prefectural Products"

  • Sales of in-season vegetables from Hiroshima Prefecture produced in a tri-thermal environment and processed foods using prefectural products.
  • Sales of handicrafts in cooperation with local companies and development of furniture using unused materials.

● Spatial Business *First location in western Japan

  • Propose living spaces that are just right in terms of comfort and individuality (partial renovation, MUJI INFILL+)
  • Provide space development services from planning stage in the four areas of "home," "office," "commercial facility," and "public".

● Open MUJI - Local Events -

  • An interactive space is set up to provide an opportunities for people to review their daily routines and lifestyle.
  • Workshops, talk events, and exhibitions will be held.

● Eco-friendly products and services

  • Detergents and shampoos can be purchased by weight, in containers brought by customers, in the quantities they need.
  • Collecting clothing, plastics, and books to promote resource recycling in the community.

Store Information

Store name MUJI Hiroshima Alpark
Address Postal code: 733-0841
Alpark Western annex 1-2 F, 1-16-1 Iguchi Myojin, Nishi-ward, Hiroshima city, Hiroshima, Japan
Sales floor Approx. 6,100 m2 (Before relocation: 760 m2)
Scheduled opening date The end of April 2022 (scheduled)
Opening Hours 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.


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