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Expansion of two useful services for daily life Item Expansion for "Monthly Flat-rate Service" and the start of Online Ordering
Item Expansion for "Pick-up Online Order at Store Service"


Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Nobuo Domae) will expand the "Pick-up Online Order at Store Service" and "Monthly Flat-rate Service", both of which are useful services for daily life. The "Monthly Flat-rate Service" has been expanded to include more items, and online ordering will be available from today. The "Pick-up Online Order at Store Service" will also include more items starting from Thursday, March 10.

1.Twenty-Two new furniture items added to "Monthly Flat-rate Service" and online ordering started


Starting from today, the "Monthly Flat-rate Service", which allows customers to use MUJI furniture at a fixed monthly rate for the necessary period only, will also include sofas, tables and other items. At the same time, online ordering is now available.

The "Monthly Flat-rate Service" (launched in January 2021) allows customers to use MUJI furniture at an affordable fixed monthly price for the necessary period only. By utilizing this service, customers can use the furniture instead of spending a lot of money purchasing them, and at the end of the term, customers can choose to purchase these items at their own wish.

So far, MUJI's beds, desks, chairs and storage furniture have enjoyed high popularity, especially by the people who live alone, such as new workers and university students. In addition, the number of users has increased compared to the time that the service was launched (at the time of the trial). To make the service more accessible to families starting a new life or households with two and more people, we have added items such as sofa, wooden table and pocket coil spring mattress, etc. to the list.

We have also launched an online ordering system for this service. This means that customers are now able to apply for the service online at any time, without having to wait in a crowded shop.

Wooden table top+Wooden table LegsW140 cm × D 80 cm
Monthly fee 1,010 yen*

Monthly fee 1,390 yen*

High Density Pocket Coil Spring Mattress/Washable cover D
Monthly fee 1,410 yen*

Steel unit shelf/Steel shelf set/Wide/M/Light grey
Monthly fee 200 yen*

Wooden bed frame (Oak veneer/S) + Wooden Leg
Monthly fee 700 yen*

*Monthly fee for a 4-year contract

For more information on the "Monthly Flat-rate Service", please visit the official website below (in Japanese).
Monthly Flat-rate Service (in Japanese)

Click here to see the full list of items eligible for expansion.
The full list of items eligible for expansion

2.Add about 600 items, such as storage products useful for starting a new life, to "Pick-up Online Order at Store Service"


From Thursday, March 10, we will expand the number of items covered by "Pick-up Online Order at Store Service", which allows customers to pick up products ordered from the online store at some MUJI stores, and storage items and other items will also be included.

The "Pick-up Online Order at Store Service" (launched in September 2011) allows customers to place orders 24 hours a day from any computer or smartphone, and pick up the products at the designated store, free of charge. Until now this service has only been available for small items such as clothes, stationery, cosmetics, etc. However, in response to the requests from our customers, we are now offering storage items, rugs, chairs and replaceable parts (casters and additional shelves for Steel Unit Shelf), which have always been popular and in demand for the new season of life. Now the customers only need to visit the store once to pick up the order, instead of having to visit the store twice, once to order and once to pick up.

PP Storage Box/Drawer Type/S

Beads Sofa/Cotton Denim/ Set

Working Chair/Grey

For more information about the "Pick-up Online Order at Store Service", please visit the official website below (in Japanese).



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