MUJI to Help Make Itabashi Ward "The Most Desirable Place to Live in Tokyo"

 Ryohin Keikaku signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Itabashi Ward, Tokyo on September 15th to help tackle local issues and promote community revitalization together with Itabashi Ward with the purpose of making it "the most desirable place to live in Tokyo". MUJI ITABASHI MINAMICHO 22 set to open on November 17th will be a store which will carry out a wide range of initiatives to revitalize local economy, such as collaborating with the "Picture Book Town Itabashi" project, promoting local culture, and assisting the sales of "Itabashi-no-Ippin (best items from Itabashi)" selected by residents in Itabashi Ward. It will also feature disaster prevention, childcare, and environmentally friendly initiatives. Examples include the establishment of in-store recycling stations, disaster prevention corner, and the introduction of "Baby Stations (baby rooms)" where customers can breastfeed and change diapers.

 "Itabashi Ward is entering the second year of its 'Itabashi No.1 Realization Plan 2025' formulated in February 2021 and is promoting three key strategies: the 'SDGs Strategy,' the 'Digital Transformation Strategy,' and the 'Brand Strategy'. We hope to develop a city that is recognized as the most desirable place to live in Tokyo", said the Mayor of Itabashi Ward, Ken Sakamoto with excitement.

 "Our store members at MUJI ITABASHI MINAMICHO 22 will aim to make the store a community center that helps the daily lives of residents. We will continue to work with the local government, residents, and other entities to expand initiatives that will contribute to improve the area and revitalize the community”, added Domae, CEO of Ryohin Keikaku.

 Through this agreement, Ryohin Keikaku will endeavor to further revitalize the community and improve services for residents with the aim of developing a sustainable local community.