Product Focus No. 11 "Wooden Living Dining Furniture" Released on June 16th

●Furniture for All Family Compositions and Room Designs
 The newly released Wooden Living Dining Furniture is designed to best accommodate various family compositions and room designs. In product development, incorporating user perspective enables developers to more accurately meet the needs of the customers. Since the ideal furniture differs for each customer based on their family structure as well as the size and layout of their room, our furniture designers studied many homes including their own to design Wooden Living Dining Furniture.

●More Flexibility Through Customization
 Living Dining furniture is designed to be a comfortable fit in either living or dining room. Compared to the preceding Living Dining set, there is an added layer of flexibility by allowing customers to reposition the tabletop with only a hex key and can be done at home. This makes sitting on the shorter side of the table much more comfortable and makes better use of space when placed against a wall.

 Moreover, seating arrangements are flexible though the desired combinations of cushioned chairs, benches with and without backrest. The bench can seat three children, and multiple benches can be combined to fit perfectly into the corners of a room.

●Designs Based on Customer Feedback
 The table is made of natural oak which is a highly desired feature from many of our customers. Natural oak not only projects a sense of dignity into the room with a classic and timeless look but is also durable and built to last generations. On the other hand, natural wood is prone to cracks from lack of moisture. Our designers tested through trial-and-error to find the perfect moisture level and ways to reduce bending to lower the chance of cracks.

 In the preceding design, there was a smaller under table for placing miscellaneous items. This was removed to accommodate customers who prefer more leg room. Furthermore, tabletop height was elevated by 5 cm, making it more suitable for dining.

 The chairs had a wide base of 78 cm in the preceding design but was reduced to 55 cm to fit in smaller space. This was done without sacrificing comfort by keeping the seating dimensions the same. Also, the change from sled base to 4-leg base prevents dust from building up on the legs and allows for easier time cleaning.
In addition, since dining chairs and benches are prone to stains on the seats, the cushion covers are designed so they can be removed and washed. In the previous set, customers had to put on the cushion covers themselves upon purchase which now comes pre-attached for the convenience of our customers.

●Going Forward
 Ryohin Keikaku will continue to develop quality furniture with low environmental impact by designing with longevity in mind and incorporate customer feedback into our design to continuously improve our furniture.