Discovery Festival - There's Something New for Everyone

 MUJI has been hosting Discovery Festival nationwide from June 3 to 26 so customers can gain deeper understanding of MUJI products and services. Various events are being held mainly over weekends including untold stories on product development, community events, workshops for kids, and much more.

■Notable Events Held at Major Stores on June 4 (Sat) and 5 (Sun)
●Untold Stories on Product Development@MUJI York Town Mito
 The Product Development Division visited the store to give a talk on the company’s quest to develop delicious tasting curry so customers can discover what makes our curry great. Customers were also given the opportunity to taste pouched curries after hearing our story.

●Bingo on the Main Street for Parents and Children@MUJI Sapporo Palco
 MUJI staff led families on a walk inside Odori Park in Sapporo, Hokkaido for children to play MUJI's original bingo game and was blessed with sunshine.

●Clothing Coordination@MUJI GINZA
 Fashion experts from various stores gathered in GINZA to give fashion advice to customers on coordinating outfits with photo shoots, all for free.

●ReMUJI Exhibition@MUJI Konandai Birds
 ReMUJI is an upcycle movement to reduce waste by collecting used textile products of MUJI clothes from customers to be overdyed and offered as ReMUJI. Artists from the Koganecho Art-in-Residence program turned ReMUJI items into artworks for exhibit.

●ReMUJI Workshop@MUJI Hiroshima Alpark
 Customers made bandana garlands using scraps collected from ReMUJI movement. They are displayed inside the store until the end of Discovery Festival.

●Classical Music Concert@MUJI Aeon Mall Sakai Kitahanada
 We invited musicians and held classical music performance in the food court where MUJI staff and customers played together with handmade instruments.

 Events are being held at MUJI stores nationwide until Sunday, June 26. We look forward to your visit. Click the link below for more information. (Japanese)