Twenty-Two New Items Added to "Monthly Flat-rate Service" and Online Ordering Started

 MUJI aims to solve the problems faced by people and the society by bringing simplicity and beauty into daily life through its products and services.

 The "Monthly Flat-rate Service", launched in January 2021, allows customers to "use" the product rather than buy it for the necessary period. Many people use this service as a way to reduce waste without having to worry about disposing the furniture at the time that their lifestyle changes.
 The “Monthly Flat-rate Service” has been expanded to include more items starting from Monday, March 7, and online ordering is now available. A total of 22 items have been added, including a sofa series (monthly fee ¥1,390 (incl. tax) for a 4-year contract), a large-sized wooden table (¥1,010 (incl. tax)) and a high density pocket coil double-sized mattress (¥1,410 (incl. tax)).
 So far, MUJI’s beds, desks, chairs and storage furniture have enjoyed high popularity, especially by the people who live alone, such as new workers and university students. In addition, the number of users has increased compared to the time that the service was launched (at the time of the trial). We have added items to make the service more accessible to families starting a new life or households with two and more people.
 We have also launched an online ordering system, instead of handling orders only at a limited number of stores. Customers are now able to apply for the service at any time.
 MUJI will continue to develop products and services to realize a "Well-being Life", while staying close to the changes in customers' lives.

*For more information on the "Monthly Flat-rate Service", please visit the official website below (in Japanese).