A new payment service "COIN+" has been introduced to "MUJI passport"

 A new payment service "COIN+" has been introduced to "MUJI passport" since February 15 (Tuesday). This service is available in about 230 MUJI stores in Japan.
 All you need to do is to register "COIN+" account when you set up your payment method in "MUJI passport Pay".
 In addition to MUJI stores, "COIN+" can be used at the stores that have introduced that service (those with a logo of "COIN+") *2 out of more than 200,000 "Air Pay "*1 member stores throughout Japan.

 The settlement fee charged by "COIN+", the service offered by Recruit MUFG Business, is 0.99% (excl. tax), excluding the charge for the point refund. The processes of point refund and settlement are separated, and beyond that, a low-cost payment solution is provided: this service concept resonated with us, and consequently, we decided to introduce this service. By introducing QR payments on the MUJI passport, we can reduce the need for credit card payment process and cash exchange, leading to shorter wait times and fewer line-ups at the checkout counter.
 Furthermore, with the introduction of "COIN+" at MUJI stores, we hope that this means of payment will spread to a wide range of businesses across Japan, including small and medium-sized local merchandisers, helping to make commerce more convenient for consumers and merchandisers.

See more details (in Japanese): https://www.muji.com/jp/passport/pay/coinplus/

*1 A cashless payment terminal offered by Recruit
*2 You need to launch the "MUJI passport" application when using "COIN+". Please note that MUJI miles will not be granted when using "COIN+" at "COIN+" member stores other than MUJI.