On January 26th, 2022, MUJI MIRAMAR, the first large-scale flagship store in Taiwan, has re-opened after relocation and expansion. MUJI MAIRAMAR is the largest MUJI store in Taiwan. It offers not only essential everyday items but also a variety of services such as OPEN MUJI, MUJI BOOKS and embroidery service, and consultation services such as Interior Adviser, Styling Adviser and Experience Adviser. It also introduced many new products and services unique to this store. With the aim of realizing "a Simple, Pleasant Life and Society", we hope to become a platform that connects people.

 By collaborating with local producers, the store presents the largest "Ryohin Market" in Taiwan where fresh vegetables and fruits delivered directly from the farms are available. It also introduced "Found FOOD" series to support our customer’s dietary life. The store is also the first in Taiwan to offer a free water refill service. By offering safe filtered drinking water to customers, this initiative also helps reduce the use of one-time-use bottles. There is also a "Glass Lab" where people can experience glass blowing. In addition, the lab offers glass products for purchase, and carries out recycling activities, aiming to contribute to resource circulation and recycling.

 Based on the idea of "not to waste resource and recycle old things," we set up a recycle station in MUJI MIRAMAR. We will collect denim items and old furniture that are no longer needed from customers, and work with craftsman from NPO organizations to give these items new value.

 In the future, we will hold Community Market together with producers and artists across Taiwan. We hope to build connections and foster conversations between producers and consumers, and to help people know more about the background stories of ingredients and how the products are made.
 Please stay tuned with the latest news about MUJI MIRAMAR.