On January 14 (Friday), "MUJIcom HIGASHIIKEBUKURO", a community-based, small-scale store, offering "MUJI Kitchen", MUJI's first takeaway meal service, was opened on the 1st floor of Ryohin Keikaku Headquarters. In addition to abundant variety of food items, this store also offers daily necessities including cleaning items and other everyday consumables. Also, based on the concept of "community-based small-scale store offering daily necessities within walking distance", it will also promote initiatives to deepen the connection with the community. Furthermore, through introduction of shops that are deeply rooted in the Ikebukuro area and sales of the shops' representative products, we aim to make the store a convenient and familiar place for the residents and people working in and near the Higashi-Ikebukuro area.
 Under the theme of "simple food", "MUJI Kitchen" offers a wide range of healthy boxed lunches and prepared foods made with seasonal ingredients, mainly vegetables, to support your daily diet. It also offers a new service called the "50 Kinds of Delicious Pouched Foods Bar", where the staff heat up MUJI pouched curry and other dishes and serve them to you. What is more, seasonal fruit and vegetables, dairy products, rice, eggs, and tofu made from the finest ingredients and processing methods will be available.

 On the first day of its opening, many residents and people working in and near the Higashi-ikebukuro area visited the store.
  Ms. Kim, the store manager, said "We are glad that many customers enjoyed shopping at MUJIcom HIGASHIIKEBUKURO. We hope that more and more customers will enjoy our freshly cooked lunch boxes and prepared foods." with a smile on her face.

 We look forward to seeing you there.