"The Third Yurinoki Christmas Festival" Held at Hikarigaoka Yurinokishoutengai

 Since its opening in December 2018, MUJIcom Hikarigaoka Yurinokishoutengai has been communicating with residents of the housing complexes and neighbours through various activities such as chats, workshops, marché, and other events.

 On December 4th (Saturday) and 5th (Sunday), "The 3rd Yurinoki Christmas Festival" was held under the concept of "a winter festival created by the shopping district and local residents.” MUJIcom Hikarigaoka Yurinokishoutengai, which is a member of the Hikarigaoka Yurinokishoutengai (Yurinokoi shopping district) Association, and 10 other shops running businesses in the shopping district took the lead in planning and organizing this event. With the cooperation of the housing complex residents' association, local volunteers, Urban Renaissance Agency (a housing agency), Tokyo Kasei University, members of nearby MUJI stores, and others, the event was held with many different contents, including a marché featuring local artists and shops in Itabashi Ward and Nerima Ward, workshops such as making illuminations from PET bottles, and music concerts by local volunteers.
  It was a great success with many people attending from the housing complex and elsewhere thanks to the good weather.
  This year, "Renovation and Reform Consultation and Seminar" was also held by MUJI HOUSE members and staff from MUJI Tokyo Ariake. We gave some advices on house renovation or refurbishment to the residents of the housing complex and people from the area nearby.

 Mr. Imaizumi, chairman of the shopping district association, who is running a dental clinic in the shopping district, delightfully said "The Christmas Festival is now in its third year, and each year the number of participants from the housing complex and the neighbourhood increases, making the event something to look forward to every year."
 Additionally, Mr. Kikuchi, the store manager of MUJIcom Hikarigaoka Yurinokishotengai, said "In the beginning, Ryohin Keikaku took the lead in organizing the Christmas Festival, but every year, more and more people get involved, and we feel that the dreams of everyone involved are growing especially when we hear someone says 'This is what I want to try next time!' We are particularly pleased that the event has become a regular event in the community, as we are able to work with the shopping district association and the residents' association without the need for detailed meetings. Next year, in an effort to further revitalize the local community, we will work with the residents in this area through MUJIcom and MUJI BASE to realize ‘what they want to try’ one by one." with a smile on his face.

 MUJIcom Hikarigaoka Yurinokishoutengai will continue to play a central role in the revitalization of this housing complex community. Stay tuned for future developments!