Sales of Unsorted Apples Started Again This Year at MUJI Stores

 From Friday, December 10, 2021, MUJI started selling unsorted apples, which may have scratches & stains or unevenness in color but still taste delicious at 127 MUJI stores across Japan. We have reviewed the production processes and eliminated tasks that could be reduced.
 This is the third year since we started the unsorted apples initiative in 2019.
 While remaining committed to the production of delicious apples, and in view of the declining agricultural population and the ageing of producers in Japan, we have been working with producers and sharing ideas to look at the work that we used to take for granted and to eliminate the work that can be reduced as much as possible. We would like to continue this initiative while reviewing the production process.
 In addition, this year, the number of people who sympathize with the efforts of unsorted apples has further expanded, and the number of producers has increased from one to three farms. The sales volume has doubled from last year, allowing more customers to enjoy the unsorted apples.
 By selling unsorted apples in their raw state, we hope to share the idea that it is not the appearance that matters. We will continue to reduce food loss and create a new future for agriculture.