New Refills for Hair Care, Body Soap and Hand Soap in Large size and Paper Packaging

 Since 2019, MUJI has been promoting various activities that lead to the recycling of global resources and the reduction of waste as much as possible, such as eliminating plastic packaging and replacing it with alternative materials like recycled paper.
 Shampoos, conditioners, body soaps and hand soaps are household consumables being used on a daily basis. Instead of buying new bottles, many people choose to buy refill packs. In consideration of the characteristics of the items and the environment, we have newly added a lineup of large size and paper package refills. We believe that the large capacity size will reduce the number of purchases as well as the amount of small pieces of waste. Also, the use of paper packages for the refill material will lead to a reduction in the amount of plastic used.
  MUJI will continue to think about a better relationship between people and nature.