"Product Planning Workshop" held for High School Students as Part of the Learning Support Activities

 MUJI, aiming to create a “simple, pleasant life and society,” wants to support such activities. We have opened the Salon on the 2nd floor of the Ryohin Keikaku headquarters building in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, from August 2021 as a base for learning to support the activities of "Cafe Juku Terrakoya," an organization that provides free learning support for students preparing for university entrance examinations.
 What is more, "Product Planning Workshop" hosted by "Cafe Juku Terrakoya," for high school students in need of learning support in Toshima-ku was held on Tuesday, September 21 and 28, October 5 and 12 (total of four sessions) at Ryohin Keikaku headquarters. During the workshop, lectures were given on MUJI's manufacturing and product development and discussions were held on the product proposals that the high school students came up with. On the final day, the high school students proposed in their own words about the products they had considered to the product development staff of Ryohin Keikaku.
 In our interview with Mr. Maeda of "Cafe Juku Terrakoya", he said, “since students spend most of their time in the school, I felt through my daily activities that there are few places for them to learn what kind of work are there when thinking about their career paths. We wanted to create a place where students could find out what they would like to do in the future, which is why we decided to hold a product planning workshop. 11 students took part in the workshop, and we hope that they were inspired by each other's opinions on the products of each group. We hope that this workshop has broadened their horizons for the future.”
 Going forward, MUJI will continue to support the community by considering local issues, aiming to create a “simple, pleasant life and society”.