Mobile Sales Started at MUJI Minnami no Sato

 Starting in the summer of 2020 in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture ("Kurashi Labo Sakata") and Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture ("MUJI Naoetsu"), the mobile sales program has been implemented in six locations in Japan and overseas, including Finland.
 This time, the seventh location of the mobile sales began in Thursday, September 23 at "MUJI Minnami no Sato". This mobile sales service will go around areas such as Minami-Komachi, Kami-kobara, and Shimo-Kobara. In addition to daily necessities and food products, for the first time as a MUJI mobile sales service, we are selling frozen foods. The product line-up is based on the voices of residents, and MUJI will deliver as much as possible of the necessary items suited to the community.
 The customers who came on the first day were very pleased with the service, and gave us comments such as "I don't get out to shop by myself much anymore, so it's nice that you come" and "It gives me a chance to go out and get some good exercise." Mr. Sato, who is in charge of the mobile sales at MUJI Minnami no Sato, said, "There are people who come by car or bicycle, and I realized that it is not only the elderly who have difficulty shopping."
 MUJI will go to people living in mountainous areas where it is difficult to visit stores, talk with them, and deliver the peace of mind and enjoyment of life. In addition, we will promote the mobile sales approach with the aim of creating sustainable communities that are easy to live in and where people can help each other.

■Stores Offering Mobile sales
Kurashi Labo Sakata
MUJI Naoetsu
MUJI Tokyo Ariake
MUJI Kamppi Helsinki
MUJI Yume Town Fukuyama
MUJI Minnami no Sato

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