Price Review for Everyday Life

 With the spread of COVID-19, our lifestyle has changed to more home-oriented and now there is an ever-increasing need to make home-time more comfortable.
 At MUJI, we reviewed the prices of about 200 items centering on our best-selling products such as Beads Sofa and Feather Pillow, with the aim of making our basic category items for "eating," "sleeping/relaxing," and "organizing" even more affordable. While maintaining the basics of manufacturing that have remained unchanged for the past 40 years, "selection of materials," "streamlining of processes," and "simplification of packaging," we have been able to realize a large-scale price revision by expanding production lanes for items that are in growing demand among households, and by working closely with our suppliers to effectively utilize materials by using raw materials from the same sourcing background as clothing for everyday items.
 We will continue to contribute to people's life by providing useful items and services, at all of our locations throughout Japan.

■News Release "Large-scale price revision for about 200 items to support everyday life" (Japanese only)