Children's Cafeteria Held in MUJI Tokyo Ariake

 Since its opening in December 2020, “MUJI Tokyo Ariake” has been involved in a number of initiatives aimed at benefiting the local community. We have heard about the situation in local community from community associations, Koto city’s Department for Child Future, Child and Family Support Center, and local Children's Cafeteria. Through our participation in support activities, we have learned that the number of children eating alone at home is increasing, and that it is difficult for them to speak up even if they are in trouble. Our store staff discussed what we could do to address these issues, and from Wednesday, August 25th we started the "MUJI Tokyo Ariake's Children's Cafeteria" on the 4th Wednesday of every month at the "Café&Meal MUJI". We plan to hold this monthly event with the aim that this "Children's Cafeteria" will become a place where children can feel secured, and a place where they can help each other in the community.

 The event was attended by 5 groups of 13 people (including 8 children)
Mr. Akiyoshi from Tokyo Ariake gave us a few words about the event. "I believe that once we start this activity, it is difficult to stop. Our staff here in MUJI Tokyo Ariake is running MUJI Tokyo Ariake Children's Cafeteria with such conviction and determination. Also, through MUJI, we want to let people know about "Children's Cafeteria" and aim to complete this activity in the next 10 years. " He spoke with passion. We will continue to hold this event on 4th Wednesday of next month.

 With the aim of realizing "a Simple, Pleasant Life and Society," MUJI will continue to be a platform to connect people to people, people to nature, and people to society, and will continue to promote a variety of initiatives to benefit the community.

(Schedule) Every 4th Wednesday of the month
(Time) 17:00 - 19:00
(Venue) Café & Meal MUJI Tokyo Ariake
(Number of participants) 10 children
(Price) 100 yen per meal

Photo Caption:
The scene of the event on Wednesday, August 25
Staff members
Waiting for their meal while playing the crossword puzzle made by the shop staff