ITSUMO MOSHIMO - Release of New Products and Expansion of Activities

 The emergency kit "ITSUMO MOSHIMO" series has been renewed on August 26th, and new items that will come in handy in the event of a disaster, "ITSUMO MOSHIMO Handkerchief" and "ITSUMO MOSHIMO Wearable Bag" will be launched in sequence.

 Also, in September, "ITSUMO MOSHIMO" period where useful information in the event of a disaster is provided, will be extended to one month. In the same month, we will also start a "Disaster Volunteer System", under which Ryohin Keikaku employees will participate in volunteer activities in the event of a disaster.

 From October onward, we will continue the seven-day period from the 11th to the 17th of each month called "ITSUMO MOSHIMO Period” to feature useful information in the event of a disaster based on monthly themes such as "Food in the event of a disaster" "Manners in the event of a disaster" and "Evacuation in the event of a disaster" at store front, through the free MUJI Passport app, and through social media. In addition, useful information on disaster preparedness and evacuation, including what you need to know and what you need to do to prepare for disaster, can always be found on the "Emergency kit ITSUMO MOSHIMO" featured page.

 MUJI aims to solve the problems we face as a society and as citizens of the earth by simplifying and beautifying our lives through our products and services. Under the concept of ITSUMO MOSHIMO which is "Everyday items for emergency kit", we propose "standard equipment" that integrates disaster preparedness into everyday life. In addition to proposals through products, we have also been promoting various initiatives to come into contact with disaster preparedness on a regular basis by holding disaster preparedness workshops and events in cooperation with local communities. We will continue to expand MUJI disaster preparedness project through our useful products and services, along the three axes of "products", "information", and "people".

■"ITSUMO MOSHIMO" featured page (Scheduled to be renewed on September 10th)
■"ITSUMO MOSHIMO" New products and expansion of activities.