Product Focus No. 9 "Beads Sofa"

■ "Beads Sofa" Developed Based on Customers Feedback
 Development of Beads Sofa was first started in "Craftsmanship Project" that makes use of customers feedback in the product development. In the "Craftsmanship Project", we asked for ideas on the theme of "sitting life", and we received the most comments on large cushion-like-sofas that can support the entire body.
 Furthermore, the result of the questionnaire on the designs showed that the most desired design was "fabric-typed sofa that can be changed to different shapes. Based on the result, we built basic concepts for developing Beads Sofa. The basic concepts are as follows: (1) You can lay your entire body on and be relaxed. (2) Made of a material that easily fits the body and does not make you feel tired even after a long-time use. (3) The material is soft and flexible, but not easy to lose the shape. In order to realise these basic concepts, a variety of materials, shapes and bead sizes were tried and tested during the development phase. We had asked some customers to use samples and found that use of cushion filled with fine beads of 0.5 mm and covered with swimwear material and canvas would be able to realize both comfortable cocooned feeling and shape retaining capability. Through these processes, we finally launched Beads Sofa in 2002. The sofa was well received by many customers and has grown to become one of our most popular products.

■ Special Features of Beads Sofa
 In addition to the sofa that provides a relaxed and cocooned feeling, we developed washable and replaceable covers for easy maintenance after purchase. Furthermore, we reviewed materials of covers and beads, and added size variations and cover types to make it easier for customers to incorporate the sofa in their lifestyle.
 Also, upon receiving feedback from customers saying that the sofa got worn out, we developed a refill cushion that can be added inside the beads sofa to restore the cushioning property and launched it in 2020. We will continue to work on improving the product to make it possible for customers to use the sofa for a long time.

[Three Principles of Beads Sofa]
Selection of Materials ... Select optimal materials for beads to be filled in the sofa and material for knit fabric that determines seating comfort.
Streamlining of processes... Select the most suitable production plant and continue to review the processes to increase the efficiency.
Simplification of packaging... Use as simple package as possible while guaranteeing the logistical aspects.

■Future Goals
 It's not just about Beads Sofa, but we always develop products considering how MUJI products can be useful in our customers' lives. We will continue to develop furniture that can be used for a long time without wasting any limited resources.

■ To all customers using Beads Sofas
 MUJI Beads Sofa has been enjoying many support from customers. As we spend more and more time at home, we would like our customers to enjoy the seating comfort and feel relaxed on the Beads Sofa. We will continue to evolve the product to make it more useful.