Face Masks Donated to Help Combat COVID-19 in India

In order to help combat the COVID-19 outbreak in India, MUJI donated 600,000 pieces of MUJI’s Reusable Organic Cotton Masks (equivalent to about 18.6 million yen) through JICA and NPO groups conducting activities in India. These masks will be distributed to local elementary and junior high school students and their guardians.

MUJI and India have been deeply connected ever since the birth of MUJI in the 1980s up to the present. There are many MUJI products that are related to India concerning the product manufacturing process or raw material procurement. MUJI has learned a great deal from India, which has a long history and diverse climate, as well. It has incorporated the wisdom of tools, materials, and lifestyles that are rooted in the daily life of India into its manufacturing.
The well-known Jute Bags, which have been selling extremely well since their launch in 2019, are also products produced in India. In addition, MUJI opened its first store in Mumbai in August 2016, and currently has four stores in the country. All these stores are being supported by many customers.

Although the spread of COVID-19 in India has gradually slowed down compared to the peak period, in light of the situation in the region where basic infrastructures and government support are still insufficient, we would like to support the lives of the local people and help them combat COVID-19 by providing face masks through JICA and NPOs, which we have been in touch with.

We will continue with such activities in the future and cherish our ties with India to help realize “a simple, pleasant life” for the local people.

Video Collection “Jute: Learn from the Wisdom of India”