The "Naoetsu Umimachi Art" Exhibition Started

 MUJI aims to contribute to the resolution of local issues and town development by getting involved with local governments and communities to help create a "a simple, pleasant life and society.” Using the "culture and art" activities that we create with the people of each community as one starting point, we hope to create opportunities to reconfirm the attractiveness of the community, and to help the people living in that community realize an energetic and quality life.
 "Naoetsu Umimachi Art" is an art event that aims to bring out the charm of Naoetsu and create a lively atmosphere in the town by focusing on the creativity of contemporary art.
  As a port town with rich nature and prosperous shipping industry, Naoetsu in Joetsu City has been creating new values of the time through the interaction of people and culture with commerce since ancient times. Through art and installations created by a wide variety of artists, we will provide a place where one can experience the "beautiful power of living" that lives in our daily lives under the theme of "sea, town, and people.” The exhibition will be held at four different venues.
 We hope that culture and art will serve as a bridge between the wisdom, pride, and beauty of living in the multilayered climate left by our predecessors in Joetsu City and passed down through the ages, and lead to the realization of a "simple, pleasant life and society" in Naoetsu 100 years from now.

Period: Sunday, August 1st – Sunday, September 26, 2021
Organizer: Naoetsu Umimachi Art Executive Committee
Venue: Naoetsu District, Joetsu City, special venue on Ankokuji Street / Naoetsu Yatai Kaikan / Funami Park and surrounding seashore / Pavilion with Lion Statue (former Naoetsu Bank)
Admission: Free
Artists: Spatial Direction Laboratory / GELCHOP / Yuko Nishimura / Eiji Watanabe / Shinya Aota / L PACK. / NAKAYOSI / Ryo Matsuoka (titles omitted)

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