"Community Health Center" has started in MUJI NAOETSU

 MUJI NAOETSU, which celebrated its first anniversary, aims to be a store where local residents can become involved and think about the city in which they live. In addition, MUJI NAOETSU have been working on initiatives such as the Naoetsu Ryohin Cafeteria and the mobile sales by bus. In order to help local residents live a healthy life, MUJI NAOETSU launched an in-store "Community Health Center" on Tuesday, July 20th, aiming to provide a place where people can easily talk about their own health. 

 The "Community Health Center," where anyone can drop in to measure, consult, discuss, and leave feeling refreshed, is a one-stop solution that provides a wide range of products and services related to health. Besides selling MUJI’s food items that support one’s body (low sugar series and high protein snacks), we also offer in-store body measurement, hold health-related events, and even provide medicines in case of emergency. And by creating opportunities for people to adjust their daily habits and environment, "Community Health Center” aims to resolve the concerns and anxieties about health caused by aging and COVID-19, and to create a society where people can remain healthy and active in their communities.

 In the future, Ryohin Keikaku will continue to create and foster connections by making MUJI stores a place where anyone can easily gather, and by implementing initiatives that are useful to consumers.

 ■News Release (in Japanese)