Disaster Response Improvement Project (TOKYO BIENNALE) Started

On July 10, 2021, Disaster Response Improvement Project, one of the social projects of TOKYO BIENNALE 2020/2021, has started in MUJIcom Musashino Art University Ichigaya Campus.

To what extent are we prepared to face disasters on a daily basis? Who will we turn to for help in the event of a disaster? And in what way can we help others? One project born from these thoughts was “ITSUMO MOSHIMO,” a project aims to improve Tokyo’s disaster response capabilities through art and design. Ryohin Keikaku is participating in this project. Throughout the Biennale (from July 9th to September 5th), two venues in Kanda Gokencho and Ichigaya will serve as bases to conduct interviews with local residents and visitors about disaster prevention. In addition, workshops and field surveys will be conducted to discuss local disaster risks and solutions together with residents.

The venue of “ITSUMO MOSHIMO, Ichigaya Area” has been set up inside MUJIcom Musashino Art University Ichigaya Campus. In addition to the in-store display of disaster prevention items such as cardboard beds, the introduction of case studies and the sales of products that are useful for everyday use as well as in case of emergency, visitors will be able to try out new “ITSUMO MOSHIMO” products to be released in the future. What is more, workshops* will be held every weekend to share knowledge and skills useful in times of disaster, aiming to connect various people under the keyword of "disaster" and to share wisdom and form a community. Please visit the store when you are nearby.
*The workshop may be cancelled due to weather condition or other reasons.

■Disaster Response Improvement Project
■“ITSUMO MOSHIMO” (in Japanese)