MUJI TOKYO ARIAKE in Charge of the Spatial Design of "co-shibuya", a Childcare Support Facility that Creates a "Future of Childcare"

 The Space Planning (in charge of product planning and B2B business) team in MUJI TOKYO ARIAKE, together with Machi no Kenkyusho Co., Ltd., will open the Jinnan Neuvola Childcare Support Center (commonly known as "co-shibuya") in Shibuya Ward on August 2, 2012, on the 2F and 3F of the newly developed "Shibuya Ward Child-rearing Neuvola”. Ryohin Keikaku is in charge of space design, while Machi no Kenkyusho Co., Ltd. is in charge of planning and operation of the facility.
 Shibuya Ward Child-rearing Neuvola is a system in which Shibuya Ward, led by public health nurses, provides support to child-rearing familiesso that they can raise their children without anxiety and with much joy. This facility, called "co-shibuya," will serve as a gateway to the program. The concept of Shibuya Ward Child-rearing Neuvola is to "meet, gather, talk, and connect.” We aim to create a rich community where people of various generations and personalities can connect with each other, making the most of the resources of Shibuya.
 Ryohin Keikaku not only sells products necessary for daily life, but also focuses on various issues that are occurring in society. At a time when the importance of community ties is being reaffirmed for people living in urban areas, we would like to contribute to the realization of a society where adults, children, and communities can live vibrantly together. In this project, we aim to consider child-rearing and living as an integral part of the community development. We have come up with a place to support child-rearing that is open to the community, where people can easily interact through playing, conversation, and creative activities. It is a space where both parents and children, as well as people from the community, can spend time comfortably without being separated.

 The Space Planning (in charge of product planning and B2B business) team in MUJI TOKYO ARIAKE (Koto Ward, Tokyo), is providing space creation services from the planning stage on the theme of interaction and community revitalization in public spaces, taking advantage of MUJI's experience in creating spaces based on community co-creation. We aim to be a store that is involved in all aspects of life and helps to realize a “Simple, pleasant life and society", and we accept consultations from all over the country while utilizing online services. We look forward to hearing from you.

【Outline of the facility】
・Jinnan Neuvola Child Support Center "co-Shibuya” in Shibuya Ward
Location: 2F & 3F, 5-6 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Opening date: Monday, August 2, 2021
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
(Closed on Tuesday afternoons, Saturdays, and national holidays)
Facility Functions: Childcare Consultation, Childcare Plaza, Playground Atelier, Short-term Emergency Childcare, Cafe, etc.
Management: Machi no Kenkyujo Co.
Management Support: Natural Smile Japan Co.
Cooperation Partner: Ryohin Keikaku Co.

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