SOMPO Care SOMPO-NO-IE Namba Reopened after Renovation with MUJI Design

MUJI, together with Sompo Care Inc., started a renovation project at the end of January 2018, aiming to create a "bright, open, and pleasant care home" that considers the lives and communications of elderly residents and staffs working there.

This project aims to solve problems and create a pleasant life by redesigning and revamping nursing care facilities based on the opinions of actual staff members, in order to create a comfortable life for users and a space where staff members can work happily and efficiently. So far, we have renovated three facilities: SOMPO Care Laviere Hikarigaoka Park (December 2018), SOMPO Care SOMPO-NO-IE Tokiwadai (March 2019), and SOMPO Care Laviere Komazawa Park (December 2019). And this time, as the first project in the Kansai area, SOMPO Care SOMPO-NO-IE Namba (refered to as SOMPO-NO-IE Namba hereafter) was renovated and reopened in April 2021.

The facility had been in operation for 15 years, and in addition to the aging of the building and the deterioration of the equipment, the office space for the staff lacked storage capacity and convenience. In order to solve these problems and make the space comfortable for everyone, including people with dementia and physical disabilities, we repeatedly chatted with the staff and incorporated their feedback into the design.

For example, a new footboard and washbasin have been installed at the entrance so that visitors can wash their hands, gargle, and disinfect when they enter the building. In the dining room, a round table was set up for easy conversation with people around, and two different sizes of chairs were introduced. In addition, to support elderly people whose visual functions tend to deteriorate, we have changed the color of the area in front of the elevators on each floor to make it easier for them to recognize where they are, and the walls were actually painted by the staff members. What is more, storage shelves and long desks were installed in the office, creating a space that facilitates communication among staff and improves work efficiency.

The person in charge of this project said, "Based on the concept of 'Let's have fun together,' we were able to work on DIY and storage projects in a friendly atmosphere. During the construction process, opinions were actively exchanged, and we could see that people were using the facilities with a lot of affection. In particular, the entrance and the office entrance are filled with people's feelings. We will continue to cherish this connection and link it to our activities rooted in the community.”

We will continue our efforts to create a "simple, pleasant care home" that is lively with spirit and is connected to the community.

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