MUJI Online Fundraising System Resumed

 The MUJI Online Fundraising system, which was temporarily suspended due to system maintenance, has resumed from Tuesday, July 1st.
 The fundraising system in MUJI online store, which started in 2011, is a system that allows anyone who wants to "do something” to help solve various issues happening in the world to make a donation in units of 10 yen or 100 yen, just like the traditional street corner donation box. MUJI collects all the donations and delivers them to the designated organizations, and we have introduced more than 50 NGOs/NPOs so far.
 From the end of August 2017, we have renewed our system to support organizations that are related to MUJI products and services. For example, we are supporting organizations that provide school lunches in developing countries, or organizations that conduct conservation activities for endangered species. We also distribute information about these NPOs and NGOs on our website, as well as the activities that they are conducting. By allowing people to make donations in small amount, we are supporting their activities in a way that more people can free feel to participate.
 We look forward to your participation.

MUJI Online Fundraising (in Japanese)
The future that can be created with fundraising (in Japanese)