MUJI BGM distribution service has started

 On Wednesday May 19, MUJI began distributing background music (hereinafter referred to as "BGM") played in MUJI stores through various streaming distribution services. MUJI regards in-store BGM as an important part of its store environment, and aims to propose "a Simple, Pleasant Life" to consumers through the entire sales floor environment. Since 2001, MUJI has released a total of 24 CDs for its BGM, presenting the traditional music with themes of 16 countries and regions around the world. All BGM are original sound sources played by local musicians, and there are more than 300 songs.
 MUJI's BGM music series are simple without frills: they are born from people's daily lives and can go beyond time in everyday life. Since MUJI wishes to support people's daily lives through its products and services, we believe that these traditional music are in line with MUJI's way of thinking.
 The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed our lifestyles, and people are spending more time at home. In the past, MUJI's BGM CDs were sold in stores and online, but since people are now spending more and more time at home, we believe that by starting music distribution service, it will make it easier for people to listen to our BGM music at any time an anywhere. Through this service, we hope to enrich people's lives and to help them enjoy different cultures around the world not only with sound but also with beautiful pictures, as if they were taking a trip around the world.
 We hope to offer our customers a kind of music that is close to their daily lives, something a bit different from the music popular only in a certain period of time.

■Music distribution platform
・Apple Music
・Amazon Music Unlimited
・YouTube Music
・Uta pass (inJapan)
・d hits (inJapan)

■Spotify Playlist
 As environmental music without vocals, we hope that the BGM music can be enjoyed by people while tele-working or relaxing at home. To do so, we will periodically update BGM playlists, choosing music from various series, to be enjoyed according to different scenes. The Spotify playlists will be updated four times a year.

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