From left to right: Mr. Akira Kayano, Manager of Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau, Kumamoto City /Mr. Kazufumi Onishi, Mayor of Kumamoto City /Satoru Matsuzaki, President and Representative Director of Ryohin Keikaku)

Partnership Agreement Concluded with Kumamoto City for the Realization of a Sustainable Society through "Water"

 On Friday May 21st, Ryohin Keikaku signed a partnership agreement with Kumamoto City with the purpose of achieving a sustainable society through “water.”
MUJI, which aims for a better relationship with the nature, has spared no effort in promoting the recycling of natural resources and the reduction of waste. As part of our efforts to reduce plastic waste, in July 2020, we started the free in-store water refilling service together with the launch of the "Water" app, which aims to make water supply a fun part of daily life. In addition, in response to customers' requests for more water supply spots closer to their daily lives, we have started initiatives in corporation with other companies and local governments, such as installing water refilling station in places other than MUJI stores.

 Kumamoto City well-known and highly appraised as a world-class groundwater city that uses natural groundwater for all of its water supply and sewage, and is scheduled to host the fourth Asia-Pacific Water Summit in April 2022. Upon signing the partnership agreement with Kumamoto City, we will set up eight water refilling services at facilities in the city, send out messages to reduce plastic waste, and support delivery classes at elementary and junior high schools in Kumamoto City to promote the habit of using one’s own bottle. We are also planning to hold a walking event to visit water sources in the city. Ryohin Keikaku and Kumamoto City will cooperate with each other to realize a sustainable society through “water”.
 At the conclusion ceremony held online, Mr. Kazufumi Onishi, Mayor of Kumamoto City, expressed his expectation, saying that “I hope that more and more people will rediscover the charm of Kumamoto's water and this will lead to initiatives to protect the natural environment.” Mr. Matsuzaki, President and Representative Director of our company, said, “Through this partnership agreement, we hope to make the local residents feel more attached to the community and realize a 'simple, pleasant life.’”
 We would like to make use of “water,” a familiar and indispensable part of our lives, as opportunities to think about the environment and health together with our customers.

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