On Friday, May 14, MUJI KONANDAI BIRDS opened with the largest sales floor space in the Kanto area. Under the theme of "Thanks to those who eat, Thanks to those who produce," MUJI KONANDAI BIRDS is the first store in the Kanto region to be equipped with a large-scale sales floor specializing in food. The store aims to be a place that not only conveys the thoughts of producers, but also creates connections and communications between people so that the voices of customers can also reach the producers, further expanding MUJI’s initiatives on food.

On B1F, in addition to the regular product lineup, we offer a variety of useful services for customers, such as “buy in bulk” for food items, water supply service, and on-the-day food delivery service. In particular, the kitchen counter, the first of its kind installed in MUJI stores, is a space where nutritionists, dietary education advisors, producers, and people living in the community can exchange their wisdom on the theme of "food", and enjoy teaching and learning from each other. The open kitchen will be used to conduct live broadcasting for cooking or to provide recipes that make the most of the ingredients. Since the number of people eating at home is increasing due to the COVID-19, in addition to the in-store live broadcasting of the kitchen counter on in-store TV screens, we will also broadcast it simultaneously on Instagram.

The large-scale sales floor specializing in food, which is the core of this store, will be managed by MI FOOD Co., Ltd. that operates Queen's Isetan. Under the theme of "local production for local consumption," the store offers a wide range of products that make use of the unique characteristics of the local area, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables mainly from Kanagawa Prefecture, traditional local vegetables, meat, groceries, and prepared foods. NAKAJIMA SUISAN Co., Ltd., a fresh fish specialty store that has been contributing to "people's health" and "rich food culture" by continuing to provide "delicious fish" since its establishment in 1925, will be providing fresh fish and marine products every day.

Prior to the opening, we signed a cooperation agreement with the city of Yokohama on Wednesday, May 12. While collaborating with the city of Yokohama in the four areas of "food and agriculture," "resource recycling," "lifestyle support," and "urban revitalization," we will use the store as a base to get involved in the local community, discover local issues based on the problems we collect in our daily activities, and develop a system to solve them together.

Our aim is to be a place where people can connect and interact with each other, and we hope to become a useful presence in the lives of local residents for a long time.