MUJI Participated in "PASS THE BATON MARKET Vol.4"

 From April 23 (Fri.) to 24 (Sat.), MUJI participated in the "PASS THE BATON MARKET Vol. 4" organized by Smiles Inc.
 PASS THE BATON is a modern select recycling store based on the concept of "NEW RECYCLE" organized by Smiles Inc. It is not a conventional recycle store that only sells luxury goods or low-priced goods. It was started with the aim of proposing a new form of recycling that deals with items found with the sense of individuality and items that convey the personality of the person who used them. This year's event, the fourth of its kind, is not only a shopping event, but also a participatory one where participants can bring unused items from their homes to the store. In addition, there was a food truck to help reduce food loss by filling one’s stomach with delicious food, and people could also attend online webinar meetings to enjoy a talk session.
 The event brought together a variety of contents to solve "mottainai" in a fun way. The event was attended by 54 brands from a variety of industries.
 At the MUJI booth, we conducted an initiative called "Re:SUS." “Re:SUS" is an initiative to reuse unused metal fittings and shelves from MUJI's long-selling “Steel Unit Shelves” and “Stainless Steel Unit Shelves” (hereinafter referred to as "SUS"). SUS is a convenient product whose shape can be changed according to changes in lifestyle, but because it is a product that can be used for a long time, sometimes there are shelves and metal fittings being left unused for a long time due to changes in family composition, etc. We have heard voices within the company that these parts should be properly reused. As a result, we have been collecting the parts of SUS that are no longer needed at MUJI Tokyo Ariake, and we have performed maintenance so that these collected parts can be used again. This is also our first attempt to resell the collected parts and collect retuned items at locations other than stores.
 Through “Re:SUS” initiative, we hope to create a new cycle that goes beyond just selling products, which would hopefully lead to the "next step" of the products.
We also sold clothes that were out of standard due to their color or dyeing condition and were lying in a warehouse by through the re-dyeing initiative "Re MUJI," and we introduced the "Re Chair" chair reproduced in cooperation with the furniture repair workshop Furnitage. In addition, by connecting with Mitake Buttons, a participant in the event, we sold buttons in sizes that fit the POOL at the MUJI booth.
 The event attracted so many visitors that we had to restrict the entrance throughout the day, and it became an opportunity for people to learn about MUJI's "serving a purpose" initiatives. One customer who brought in SUS parts at the event said, "I am confused with how to dispose them, so it was very helpful to have them collected," and we were able to directly listen to the needs of daily life and the voices of our customers. We will continue to provide our customers with a "simple, pleasant life" through various activities that are close to their daily lives.