Monthly Flat-rate Service for Children's Furniture

 From April 22 (Thursday), together with the launch of the new “Oak Crib”, we also started the monthly flat-rate service for children’s furniture.
 MUJI aims to solve the problems faced by people and the society by bringing simplicity and beauty into daily life through its products and services. Among all furniture, children's furniture is often needed for a short period of time and is often disposed even though it is still usable. Therefore, as part of MUJI's efforts to reduce waste, on April 22 (Thu), at the same time as its launch, we began offering a monthly flat-rate service at 20 MUJI stores in Japan for the new “Oak Crib.” In addition, we purchased the "Trip Trap" high chair, known as a standard piece of children's furniture, from Stokke and started selling it at five MUJI stores in Japan, as well as offering a monthly flat-rate service.

 In 2015, MUJI designed a "Hinoki-wood crib" using Japanese cypress, in an attempt to respond to the voices of customers, such as "I want to use a reliable bed for my precious baby even though the period of use is limited." While the texture of the hinoki-wood was highly appreciated by customers, we also received feedback from customers that the soft material scratches easily. This time, we have changed the material from hinoki-wood to oak to increase its strength, and added a bottom plate to make it suitable for storage cases. This is a compact crib that can be easily placed in a bedroom or living room. In addition, we have started to handle the world famous children's high chair "Tripp Trapp" and "Tripp Trapp Baby Set", which have been sold by Stokke since 1972 (1973 in Japan).

 By utilizing this service, one won’t need to worry about disposing the furniture when the child grows up and no longer needs the crib, and this will also help reduce waste. The furniture returned at the end of the contract will not be disposed, but instead will be recycled to help reduce waste. We plan to replace parts and perform maintenance on the furniture so that it can be used again with our monthly flat-rate service. In this way, we are proposing a solution that allows one to use the furniture for a short period without any worries.

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