MUJI SHARE STAR HAKODATE Reopened after Renovation

On April 22 (Thursday), MUJI SHARE STAR HAKODATE reopened after expansion renovation. As one of the largest stores in the Hokkaido Area, this store introduces the first sales floor specializing food in the Hokkado and Touhoku (northeast) area. Through collaborations with the local people, we aim to play a greater role as a community base than ever before.

MUJI hopes to contribute to the lives of people around the world through its products and services. The three basic human needs - clothing, food, and housing - are closely related to each other. They cannot be considered separately, with “food” being the most critical and essential part. However, for urban dwellers, the fields, farms, and fishing grounds where food is produced are quite far away, and to them, food is no more than a commodity simply being consumed. The names and prices of products receive much attention, but the thoughts and stories behind their production remained unknown.

In addition to our standard product lineup, this store handles a range of food-related products processed and produced in the local area including vegetables, prepared foods, and groceries. Also, based on the concept of "to connect and be connected through food," we are collaborating with companies that share MUJI's way of thinking, such as "Veggie Umami Marche Kawasaki," a specialty store of fruits and vegetables with close ties to local producers, "La Naturel," a long-established bakery in Hakodate, and "Farmer's Son," a prepared food store that uses as little chemical seasonings and food additives as possible. By discovering and introducing the charms of the region from the unique perspective of MUJI, we hope to create trust, connections and exchanges between customers and producers.

To celebrate the reopening, we held a four-day event from April 22 (Thu) to 25 (Sun). We had the Morimachi Community Market, the Daishi Fujiyoshi Exhibition by local artists, and the STAND MARKET with the participation of Kuracra and TomokU. In addition, we will be holding events such as online workshops using Donan cedar.
We look forward to serving you at the store.

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