MUJI Asumo Takayama Opened

 On April 22 (Thursday), MUJI Asumo Takayama opened in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture.
 This is the first MUJI store to be opened in the city, and it is located in the Surugaya Asumo Store, a fresh food supermarket that is supported by local residents. Our goal is to provide basic products that are close to people's daily lives, and to serve the local residents through cooperation with local companies.
 With a sales floor area of more than 500 tsubo (more than 1,500 ㎡), this store offers MUJI's basic products such as food, clothes, stationery, storage products, furniture, etc., as well as MUJI BOOKS and 100 yen coffee. In addition, since Takayama City is home to the Minami Norikura Campsite operated by MUJI, we have strengthened the cooperation between the campsite and the store by installing a "MUJI CAMP TOOLS" corner in the store.
 In collaboration with the Surugaya Asumo store, we have prepared a variety of contents for the customers to enjoy, such as developing an original "My Bag" with the motif of "Sarubobo," a traditional doll in the Hida Takayama region, and holding the collaborative recipe event in the "Fresh Kitchen" shared space as an opening event. In addition, in order to connect people to people and people to the community, we are planning to hold a "Community Market" for four days from April 29 (Thursday) to May 2 (Sunday). In the future, we are also planning to organize cooking classes in collaboration with local cooks.
 In the future, we will continue to hold such events and foster cooperation with local companies in the area of food, with the aim of becoming a community-based store. We look forward to serving you at the store.