MUJI Shangri-la Plaza East Wing Re-opened after Renovation

 On Friday, March 5, “MUJI Shangri-la Plaza East Wing” re-opened after renovation in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Since its opening in 2013, this store has served many customers in the northern part of the Manila metropolitan area. After the renovation opening, in addition to the basic items for daily life, MUJI Labo, which has been requested by many customers, has been introduced for the first time in the Philippines, and the sales floor for large household goods such as storage cases and furniture has been expanded to create an environment that is easier to see and buy.
 Moreover, for the first time in the Philippines, we introduced "Open MUJI" communication space, which invites people active in the local community to hold events and workshops, and we also started a free water refilling service in the store to connect with local customers.
 On the opening day, many customers queued up even before the store opened, showing how much they had been looking forward to the day. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we adopted measures such as restricting the number of people in the store, however, many customers visited the store and enjoyed their shopping.
 We will continue to contribute to the development of the region as a platform rooted in the local community.