We Started Selling Fruits and Vegetables at the First MUJI Store in Vietnam

 On Friday, March 26, MUJI PARKSON LE THANH TON, which is our flagship store in Ho Chi Minh City, started selling fruits and vegetables.
 The vegetables, freshly harvested from the fields, are delicious, high quality, and environmentally friendly. Using non-genetically modified seeds, these vegetables are grown with water from a 60-meter-deep well to ensure that they are not affected by the surrounding farms. They also use natural ingredients derived from chili peppers, ginger, herbs and cinnamon as pesticides, and use homemade fertilizers made from fermented cow dung and straw to achieve organic and pesticide-free vegetables. Vegetables cultivated in this way may look flawed or uneven, but the taste is the same. In addition to providing fresh and delicious vegetables to customers in Vietnam, we will support the sustainable development of local agriculture.
 MUJI, which proposes "a simple, pleasant life" in various countries and regions around the world, hopes to continue serving a purpose for customers around the world.