MUJI Aeon Mall Sakaikitahanada Opened after Renovation

On Saturday, February 27th 2021, MUJI Aeon Mall Sakaikitahanada opened after renovation. This store has been serving as a model store for stores that wish to serve the community through “food” since its opening in March 2018. Based on the idea of “what makes food delicious,” this store handles a wide variety of food-related products in addition to the standard product lineup of MUJI, including vegetables, meat, fish, side dishes and groceries. It also provides customers with product information and stories about the production process, which customers barely have chances to learn about.

In the renovation this time, we introduced to the food court (located at the center of the store) three new food booths – Steam, Japanese Tea and Koji (malted rice) that are especially popular in the region and are often requested by customers. In addition, given that nowadays it is difficult to eat and drink outside, we also provide various take-out menus at each of the three booths. Together with our regular food products and frozen food lineup, we are all prepared to serve a wide range of customers from the local community.

On the day of the opening, many customers visit us right after the store opened. Take-out menus were popular, but many customers also made use of the in-store Eat-in Space. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are implementing measures such as keeping social distance strictly and limiting access to the store to avoid congestion.

To celebrate the renovation opening, we are also producing an interview report titled “Where are deliciousness come from?” It will be released together with a photo exhibition to be held at the Open MUJI from March 20 as an event commemorating the third anniversary of the store. In addition, we will be distributing information via the MUJI passport application, the store website and Instagram on a daily basis. Please keep an eye on the latest news about MUJI Aeon Mall Sakaikitahanada.

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