"Yasai(Vegetable) Bus" started operation in the Minami Boso area of Chiba Prefecture.

On Friday, February 5, we began operating the “Yasai(Vegetable) Bus” in the Minami Boso area of Chiba Prefecture (Kamogawa City, Tateyama City, and Minami Boso City) based in the "Sato-no-MUJI Minnami-no-Sato " (Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture).
Yasai Bus is a BtoB-based joint delivery system that links local producers and buyers. This is a new regional distribution system that is beneficial to both producers and buyers by establishing trucks that tour the region to deliver agricultural products shipped by local producers to local buyers in restaurants, supermarkets and other locations on the same day of pickup, in cooperation with local governments and local cooperating companies. We deliver vegetables based in Sato-no-MUJI Minnami-no-Sato. In addition, it plays the role of the starting point in the distribution process, where vegetables collected through the route are sold on consignment to "MUJI Minnami-no-Sato."

In the Minami Boso area, there were problems with "local food is not eaten by the local people" and "vegetable production is decreasing, but there are some vegetable reserves in other areas, so they are not reaching the people who need them." Since we used the Yasai Bus system to purchase fruits and vegetables that we handle at MUJI Ginza, we thought that we could solve the problems in the Boso area by working with the Yasai Bus, which we had associated with at the Ginza store.
In addition, employees working in the " Sato-no-MUJI Minnami-no-Sato " are expected to play a central role in collecting information on local problems and production through direct communication with farmers and purchasers. The aim is to link (edit) local players by matching restaurants with farmers and by agricultural diversification at the Development Workshop.
Restaurants who uses “Yasai bus” servicesaid, "It's very nice to be able to use fresh local vegetables that night," and farmers said, "Since there are many producers who have difficulty in delivering products themselves, we want to create a system that allows local products to be distributed.” and other comment is a request to increase the frequency of deliveries.
An employee working at MUJI Minnami-no-Sato says, "I felt that many people wanted to buy localvegetables. I wanted to make it easier for both farmers and buyers to use a system that could easily supply and receive local vegetables. I would like to expand the system to include not only Minami Boso but also Chiba Prefecture and nearby cities."

Let's keep an eye on future efforts of Yasai Bus in Minami Boso, which creates local distribution and promotes local production for local consumption.